Great story at featuring Top 10 characters from the 90s (I still don’t like Cable or Gambit). The ’90s: a much-maligned period in comics history, and yet one that produced many a memorable and successful story as well as a score of awesome characters. The ’90s were about more than just pouches, guns, trench coats and more pouches—though all those things ruled. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Marvel characters that emerged from the ’90s.

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Fables Collection Cover by James Jean 

If you’re a fan of artist James Jean (if you’re not, you should be), you’ll be glad to know that DC Comics is releasing a hardback collection of his work on the Vertigo series Fables.

Jean has posted the beautiful wrap-around cover for the collection on his site and you can pre-order the book from Amazon right now for $26. Just check out his blog for examples of his stunning work. Well worth picking up in hardcover.

Isotope was designed for moments like this one

I’ve never been to Isotope Comics in SF, but I’ve heard about it from many different places. Owner James Sime has created a shop that caters to comic fans and promotes a community, not a run in, get your books and leave type shop.

Just look at the amount of light in this photo. Have you even seen that much light in your average comic shop?

The reason this photo is the best and proves that Isotope is tops. Parent and kid reading a comic together in the shop. That’s perfect.


Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day 2008, so head on over to your local comic shop and pick up the free books. Try something you’ve never tried before. Take you kid(s) and get them something to read. Most shops should have the following books:

Dark Horse Free Comic - Hellboy Archie Comics - Jughead - Free Comic Bongo Comics Free-For-All
All Star Superman - Free Comic Book Day Dynamite Entertainment - Project Superpowers 0 IDW Transformers Animated
Image-Top Cow - Broken Trinity Virgin Comics - The Stranded #1
Viz - Shonen Jump Sampler  X-Men

The great thing is that more and more publishers are beginning to offer new content (or #1 issues) in the free books, rather than reprinting old material. That not only entices existing readers to try new books, it makes a perfect starting place for all new readers.

There are several more books that retailers could order at a heavily discounted price. These Silver Level books are secondary offerings by the big publishers or books by smaller publishers that can’t afford to cover the publishing cost. I hope our local shop has:

APE ENTERTAINMENT'S CARTOON-APALOOZA #1 DC Tiny Titans Gemstone - EC Comics SamplerMarvel Adventures - Spider-Man, Iron Man, and HulkRed5 - Atomic Robo and Friends
Top Shelf - Owly and Friends TwoMorrows - Comics Go Hollywood Wildcard - Gumby Coloring Comic

For more information (and previews) of all these books — and more — visit the Free Comic Book Day site. Be sure to get out there, get some free reading material and enjoy.