The Smithsonian website has a great article and slideshow about the Narwhal. This whale has a single horn sprouting from the middle of its forehead, much like the mythical unicorn.

I remember reading about this animal as a child. I’m not sure what book it was in, but I seem to remember a large book filled with animal drawings and information. Up until today, if you had asked me if such a creature existed, I would have more than likely said no and thought is was nothing more than a childhood make-believe memory.

It’s nice to see something amazing every once in a while that makes you fell like a child again-when everything was amazing and new.

Nick Brandt’s Portrait of a Lion Standing

Definitely go check out the photography work of Nick Brandt. His photographs of African wildlife are some of the most striking photos I think I’ve even seen. Absolutely beautiful stuff. A lot of the photos on the site are available in his 2005 book, On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa. Prints are available for ordering, but I’d be scared to even inquire on the price.

Photo of a Lion by Andrew Zuckerman

While you’re in the animal photography viewing mood, I’d also recommend the photography of Andrew Zuckerman. His newest book Creature, has just been released and it’s equally amazing. This series of photos consists of animals on a stark white background. The results are amazing. The photo of the lion doesn’t even look real, but looking at it closely you can see the texture of the lion’s fur. You can see more examples of his work at