Superman Clone (Kel) from the 41st Century in the Legion of Super Heroes Season 2

A few preview images have popped up over at Comic Book Resources for the Season 2 premiere of Legion of Super Heroes. The Legion looks older, which is a move that surprises me. I would have thought the younger kids/teen Legion would market better. I do know, the older Legion presented here looks more interesting to me. The premise for Season2 has a few interesting tidbits, like a clone of Superman from the 41st Century–Legion is set in the 31st. He recruits the Legion to help him battle Imperiex, who actually follows the Superman clone to the 31st century and gathers all of the Legion’s villains into an army. Lots of heroes and lots of villains – cool.

Eddie Brock from the new Spectacular Spider-Man animated seriesNext up, be sure to check out the ENI interview with Spectacular Spider-Man animated series director Victor Cook. He offers up a few bits of interesting information, but the highlight of the article are the character drawings featuring the main cast. They’ve done a great job in updating the characters while retaining the uniqueness of that character.

For instance, look at Eddie Brock. Counting the original, the Ultimate Spider-Man version, and the Spider-Man 3 version, that’s 3 different version of the character the series could have adapted. Instead, the version on the left looks like a perfect melding of those versions. He’s big and bulky like the original, but young like the Ultimate version. I always liked the huge Venom as opposed to the mirror image of Spider-Man that the film portrayed. He’s more menacing and threatening. Can’t wait for this show to premiere later in the year. It’s previewed so well, the original season has been extended from 13 to 26 episodes. Be sure to check out the rest of the images at ENI.

Finally, I just now discovered this Season 5 interview with the Teen Titans animated series head writers. It’s full of information on the fifth and final season and answered a lot of questions. The fifth season was always planned as the last, but 20 episodes were originally ordered instead of the typical 13. If you’re a fan of the Cartoon Network Teen Titans show, it’s definitely worth a read.

Fantastic Four World’s Great Heroes Season 3 AdIf you’re a fan of the new Cartoon Network Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes cartoon, there is good news for next year. According to an ad in the recently released Volume 2 DVD, a full season set is in the works. That’s good news for U.S. fans, because the show has bounced around and been delayed on Cartoon Network’s schedule numerous times. In the one year the show has been airing, only 14 episodes have aired.

Seven episodes aired through October on 2006. The show was put on hold to be picked up when the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie was released. Five more episodes aired starting in June of 2007 until the show was dumped (without notice) to an early Saturday morning slot, where only two more episodes have aired.

It wasn’t a perfect show, but it had a cool style and the dynamic between the characters was perfect. It was a weekend ritual for Carter and I to watch the latest episode on TiVo. Hopefully the Season 1 DVD set will be released and we can catch all of the episodes when we feel like it.

All New SuperFriends Hour Show Title

Toon Zone News is reporting that TVShowsOnDVD announced that the All New SuperFriends Hour Volume 1 will be released on DVD on January 8, 2008.

The 2 disc set will contain 32 cartoons and features the debut of the Wonder Twins. Each cartoon will consist of the following:

1. Core team: consist of two core members of the Superfriends (example: Superman & Wonder Woman, or Aquaman with Batman & Robin).

2. Wonder Twins toons: Zan, Jayna & Gleek helping kids in trouble.

3. Whole team: Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Wonder Twins team up to save the world.

4. Guest hero: Toons that feature a core member with a special guest hero, wether it be Black Vulcan, The Atom, or the Green Lantern.

That’s great. We’re getting closer and close to having all of the DC animated series released to DVD. However, I don’t think the math in the press release (at least the way it was reported) adds up correctly.

The All New SuperFriends Hour was made up of 5 shorts in each episode, some of which are reported above. Each episode consisted of:

  1. Core Team: This short teamed up 2 of the regular members of the SuperFriends
  2. Whole Team: Split into two parts, this was the featured episode of each show. The core group would stop a villain or disaster of some sort.
  3. Wonder Twins: These shorts (3-5 minutes) had the Wonder Twins dealing with kid/teen topics like Hitchhiking, Responsibility, etc.
  4. Magic Trick, Safety Tip, Health Tip or Craft Project: These are not mentioned above, but they were usually sandwiched between the main cartoon and the commercials. Only a minute or two in length, a hero would show a Magic Trick, Safety Tip, Health Tip or Craft Project before the commercial and then explain how it was done in a 2nd part later in the episode.
  5. Guest Hero: The episodes would usually finish up with a guest hero teaming with one of the regular cast members. These were always natural disaster type stories, with no real villain.

Since there were only 16 episodes, my guess is the first volume will contain 8 episodes. Not counting the Magic Trick portion, each 1-hour episode contained 4 shorts, which would total up to 32 cartoons. So, 2 DVDs X (4 episodes X 4 shorts) = 32 cartoons. Hopefully, later in 2008 we’ll get volume 2 with the remaining 8 episodes (32 cartoons). Chronologically, these should be the first episodes on Volume 1.

Episode 1
1.Invasion Of The Earthors
1.The Brain Machine
3.Joy Ride
4.The Whirlpool
Episode 2
1.City In A Bottle
2.Invasion Of The Hydronoids
4.Space Emergency
Episode 3
1.Will The World Collide?
2.The Marsh Monster
4.Time Rescue
Episode 4
1.Day Of The Plant Creatures
2.Doctor Fright
3.Drag Racing
Episode 5
1.Super Friends vs. Super Friends
2.The Monster Of Dr. Droid
4.Energy Mass
Episode 6
1.Voyage Of The Mysterious Time Creatures
2.The Secret Four
3.Tiger On The Loose
4.The Antidote
Episode 7
1.Planet Of The Neanderthals
2.The Enforcer
3.Shark Attack
4.Flood Of Diamonds
Episode 8
1.The Mind Maidens
2.The Collector
4. Alaska Peril

Warner Brothers T-Works Logo

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but Warner Brothers T-Works sounds interesting. Warner’s animation library is equaled only by Hanna-Barbera, so it’s definitely a smart move to leverage that library as one property, rather than continue to split it up piece by piece. T-Works sounds like a MySpace, SecondLife, YouTube environment all rolled into one with a backbone of Warner animation characters. I guess we’ll have to wait until 2008 to see, but I’m definitely interested to learn a little more.

While helping save an alien ship from being drawn into a black hole, Superman is drawn in with the Supermobile. He goes back through time to Krypton. Superman decides to save Krypton, by stopping the sun from expanding. He then goes through the black hole and back to Earth. On Earth, he finds a new timeline. The Legion of Doom has defeated the Super Friends, since Superman no longer existed. Superman must return to the past and let Krypton be destroyed.

Very cool episode of the Superfriends from the rare 1983 shorts. I wonder if Alan Moore had seen this episode prior to writing the Superman Annual #11 in 1985. The stories are similar, but Moore’s is definitely the better of the two. His annual would later server as the inspiration for the Justice League Unlimited episode from 2004.