Great White Snark has been hitting the ball out of the park lately with all of his great Star Wars cake finds. He recently posted the above Jabba the Hutt wedding cake. Notice the little Han, Leia, and Salacious Crumb in front of it. Awesome. Check the GWS post for more pictures.

Look for the related items at the bottom of the post to check out the other Star Wars cakes he’s found. Look for the Stormtrooper cake, the Max Rebo cake, and the Yoda cake. We might have to make a Stormtrooper cake. I don’t think it would be that complicated.

G1 toy and final cake, originally uploaded by Floating Cat.

Just the other day, Carter decided he wanted a Transformers birthday party. This came as quite a surprise, since he’s been saying for months that he wanted a Fantastic Four birthday party, because “I’m turning 4.”

Jill and I absolutely couldn’t come up with a good Fantastic Four cake idea, but Transformers we can do. I remembered seeing the above Optimus Prime cake a few weeks back on Digg and I knew that we could easily adapt it to look like the Optimus from the movie.

Even better, the person that built the Optimus cake documented the whole process, which should save us a little trouble.

Jill made this cake for a co-worker’s birthday. It was made using two round half-circle pans. It’s a strawberry cake with a buttercream / cream cheese frosting.

The hardest part was deciding what to use to make the golf ball dimples. We finally discovered that a cooking thermometer made just the right size and impression. I think it turned out great looking and the green paper really made it stand out.

Tow Mater Cake – front, originally uploaded by allaboutduncan.

Jill and I (mostly Jill) made this cake last for a co-worker’s son’s birthday party.

I had my doubts when we started and we had to re-make the fondant icing, but overall it came out looking cool as can be. The only thing on the entire cake that isn’t edible are the two toothpicks that hold each mirror on the side.