Babies Trailer

The trailer for the documentary Babies looks absolutely fascinating. I’m not one on seeing documentaries in the theater, but I’d actually look for this one on April 16, 2010 when it’s released. Unfortunately, I’m sure it will only play in Nashville (which isn’t too far away), but having two kids, it might as well be a state away.

Still, the idea of following four newborns from four different cultures for a year is such a cool concept. You see the differences right away in the trailer as a goat casually drinks from the bath of the Mongolian baby. It will be interesting to see how different cultures treat their newborns.

I know that when Riley was born (our second son), our parenting approach was vastly different than it was with our first son Carter. I’ll admit, that we were too protective of Carter. As first time parents, I think that’s only natural. You don’t know what to expect, so you tend to be too cautious.

Because of this, Riley is a much more adventurous toddler than Carter. He’s absolutely not afraid of anything or any situation and will plow headfirst into any obstacle – and we let him. He can already climb by himself into the playhouse in the yard and slide down the slide. Mind you, this playhouse is on top of 4 foot posts, so it’s a good climb and a tall slide. Riley gets dirtier, plays rougher, and even eats things we wouldn’t let Carter touch until he was older (carrot sticks). A lot of this has to do with Carter as well. Having a brother that’s 4 years older, Riley thinks he can do whatever Carter can – and most times he does.

Just this past week we visited my sister’s house and Carter and his 4-year old cousin were having a pillow fight. Right in the middle, slinging his own pillow, was Riley. I wouldn’t change anything we’ve done – because we’ve got two wonderful boys.

Very cool story about a mummified dinosaur. It’s amazing the that something like that can exist after so long. Back when I was a kid, I said I was going to be a paleontologist for quite some time. Carter is now saying the same thing (depending on the day you ask him). I guess at that age we’re fascinated by the fact that “monsters” were real at some point in time.

Heck, I’m still fascinated by Dinosaurs some 30-years later.

The Edmontosaurus found in 2004 is covered in fossilized skin as hard as iron. Workers are slowly unearthing the dinosaur from its 65-million-year-old tomb. Dinosaur may give us the closest example of what dinosaurs looked like. It is the fourth dinosaur mummy of significance ever found in the world.

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