Adding artwork to iTunes has always been a pain. Even when Apple released a “Get Album Artwork” feature in the latest version of iTunes, it didn’t work that well (and required you to have an iTunes login).

Well, I’m here to point you to the perfect program to solve those iTunes artwork problems. It’s a Windows only program called TuneSleeve and it works perfectly. It searches the Internet for artwork and will let you select when it finds multiple covers. Better yet, if it doesn’t find the art for your album, simply click the search icon and it will pop-up a Google Image search with the album title pre-filled. Just drag and drop the image into TuneSleeve to have it apply it to iTunes.

It works the way iTunes and all the other plug-in/programs should have all along. When your done, it applies all the art to all the songs in your iTunes library. This process can take a bit depending on the amount of art you need to find. It took about 10 minutes for it to apply art to every song on about 40 CDs I had imported that iTunes coulnd find. The only ones left without art are some custom compilations and songs I’ve got imported.

The best thing about Firefox 2.0 (in my opinion) is the built in spell check. No more composing in Word and pasting into a text box, or misspelling words because you typed a quick post in the browser.

It comes in handy at work, where we constantly enter text into our development tool (Zentrack). My only complaint is that it only checked Text Areas and not all input fields…

Well, to fix that, just type about:config in the URL area of a Firefox window and then change the following value:

  • layout.spellcheckDefault = 2 turns on Firefox 2’s spell-checking in input fields as well as text areas.

Check out Lifehacker for more great Firefox 2.0 tweaks.