Image of the Hidden Mother/Child in Da Vinci’s Last Supper

I think someone’s been watching/reading too much Da Vinci Code. The idea that Da Vinci hid an image of a mother and a child in the Last Supper and it can only be seen when a mirror image of the painting is overlaid on the original is insane. Seriously.

Putting a mirror image of any image over itself and reducing the transparency will create all kinds of weirdness, especially in a photo/image full of figures. The mirrored and overlaid image may reveal what looks to be a mother and child, but it is pure accident. Looking at the image, I think it looks like Jesus is looking at the sky with his mouth open and is surrounded by ghosts. That’s not hidden in the image, it’s the mirror image. Seriously, this guy has too much time on his hands and to report it as news even makes it worse.