Normally, I wouldn’t post something as regular as DVD releases. I did it for Batman and Superman a few weeks back because those are some personal favorites and ones I didn’t think we’d see on DVD anytime soon. So, why am I following it up with the announcement of Harvey Birdman – Attorney at Law: volume 3? Simple, read the press release.

HERE IT IS! HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, THE THIRD DVD! Yep, that’s right: THE THIRD DVD! How many shows can say they’ve got three DVD – I’m sorry? All right. Green Acres, but that was a classic. How many recent sho – Full House? SIX DVDs?! You’ve gotta be kidding! Friggin’ Saget. All right, how many animated, 15 minute shows with horny hippopotami and nearly incestuous one-eyed father/superhero daughter relationships have three DVDs? That’s right, smart slacks: One. And it’s Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. And this is its third DVD.

That’s hilarious. That’s got to be the first press release with a Bob Saget / Full House slam in it. A great press release for a great show. If you’ve never watched, all you need to know is Gary Cole and Steven Colbert both do voices on the show.