Artist Johnny Ryan will have a horror themed series of artwork on display at Secret Headquarters in L.A. through January 7th, 2008. Anyone in the area that’s a fan of horror should check it out. The painting are for sale and every single piece looks cool.

For those that can’t make the show, all of the pieces are posted on a Flickr set by SecretHeadquarters. My favorites have to be the Exorcist, the Alien vs. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Thing.

I’ve always hoped the DirecTV would get a horror channel and it looks like that will happen on March 1 when Chiller debuts on DirecTV. NBC Universal is the parent company behind the channel, so that means we’ll see Alfred Hitchcock Presents (which is cool). The following quote from the Variety article makes me the happiest:

“We’ve gone beyond our library and licensed content from all the major players,” Gaspin said. Other programming assets include “Twin Peaks,” “Tales From the Crypt,” “Freddy’s Nightmares” and “Friday the 13th: The Series.”

I remember both of those shows as a teenager, and aside from some bad quality Friday the 13th Series DVDs I have, I’ve not seen them since. Should be cool and a good place for entertainment in the slow Summer months.