Michael may believe that the Octosquid is the beginning of the end for human civilization, but writer Robert Kirkman predicted it fist in his comic book series Invincible.

Octoboss - from Robert Kirkman's Invincible comic book series.

Octoboss is a super-villain who has repeatedly attempted to steal radioactive material with the aid of his henchmen, the Squidmen. Knowing Kirkman, Octoboss will eventually pop up again and reveal his master plan, but I couldn’t help but think of the character after reading the other two linked articles. Kirkman has a great knack for creating out-of-this-world characters that could be hokey if done by any other writer, but somehow seem fun and cool in the “Invincible” universe. Read more about Octoboss.

I would imagine reading Invincible now was much like reading the first 130 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, where the readers were hit with so many new and cool ideas that they just kept reading and enjoyed every minute of it.