If you’re a fan of the show LOST, the you owe it to yourself to check out the LOST Easter Eggs site. They’ve got tons of pictures (screen caps) from the shows and have found tiny connections from episode to episode that I never would have noticed. Definitely a great resource for taking a close look at past episodes and it’s spoiler free.

Another great section on the site is the LOST Books page. Sawyer, and others, are often reading. The books they read are selected on purpose and often relate to theories about the show or themes being played out in the episode.

They’ve got several other blogs linked together and they form a nice, mini-site. A few others that are worth checking out are the Lost Connections, Theories, and Answers. Be careful, you could spend (waste) a lot of time reading all the posts.

This weeks LOST was probably an episode that divided fans. I’ve not been following on-line comments about the show for some time, but I did read a the comments penned by one of my former college professors:

Darlton and company (the writers) had a problem on their hands: they had made a mistake by introducing N and P (I suspect their inclusion was forced on them by the ABC suits, hoping it would increase the show’s international appeal). How to get rid of them? “Expose” did the deed and did it in a self-conscious, self-referential, oroboric (snake-biting-its-own-tail), self-congratulatory way.

On NPR’s On Point this week, Damon Lindelof confesses that the beginning and the end of Lost have not been a problem; the problem is the middle. “Tap dancing,” as Lindelof admits, is fun to watch, but not for long. “Expose” was narratological tap dancing. Self-conscious fun while it lasted. But then he also admitted that the episode might be the best Lost candidate yet for shark-jumping.

Jump the Shark or not, it was an enjoyable episode. it reminded me of an episode of Tales from the Crypt. I don’t think every episode has to be a “mythology” episode to be exciting. It’s great to learn new secrets, but it’s also fun to spend time with the characters, especially Hurley and Sawyer (and watch their interactions).

Boy, this story sure has been all over today and it actually makes me happy.

No, LOST isn’t coming to an end anytime soon, but the producers and ABC have announced they will decide when the series ends. This means the writers and producers can plot a course for the show and stick too it, eventually winding up with a planned ending. This should keep the show from wandering on for years and allow the final season (since they know when it will be) actually wrap everything up as planned.

Kudos to ABC for allowing this to happen and here’s to hopefully 4 more years of LOST after this one, since they producers have announced that 7 years is the magic number.

This past Wednesday, Marvel Comics relaunched their series Thunderbolts with issue #110. The relaunch has a team of villains led by a newly pardoned Norman Osborne (Green Goblin) tracking down super-heroes who have not registered with the government.

Evidently the comic features a page that "shows" a TV commercial for Thunderbolts toys. When I saw a scan of it, I got a kick out of the manufacturer mentioned. Seems that the writers are a fan of the show "Lost." The toy company is Mittlewerk, which is the name of the character on "Lost" that eventually took over the Hanso Foundation.

Either that, or it could be a vague reference to the facility the Nazis built. Here's the definition of the "Lostpedia" entry on Thomas Mittlewerk.

"Mittelwerk was a large underground facility built by the Nazis that was staffed with prisoners transferred from concentration camps. The conditions were horrific and thousands of prisoners died due to malnutrition, disease, exhaustion or hanging (by camp guards). The site is where Hitler ordered the V-2 missile to be built, it being the first missile or vehicle to pass the sound barrier."

Considering the toy commercial portrayed in the comic book shows the Thunderbolts based out of a underground mountain lair, this could also be a possibility.

Last night’s episode of LOST was awesome and in general, the short season has been awesome. Only one episode was a bit of a letdown. The producers have said the mini-season of 6 episodes has let them progress quicker and answer more questions that they would be able to in a regualr season. If that’s the case, then I’m all for the mini-season followed by the rest of the season later.

I wonder how many questions they’ll answer in next week’s Fall finale and how many will carry over? I hope the Jack, Kate, Sawyer / Others situation will be resolved, but on the other hand I don’t want it to end. It’s been very interesting looking at a new group of people. I’ll the creative team that, they’ve been able to change the show focus each season effortlessly and managed to make it flow into the overall story.

For some interesting ideas and thoughts on the season and show thus far, head on over to Entertainment Weekly’s website and their LOST column. The article linked to has some insight from Stephen King, as well as a fascinating theory as to just what could be happening on the island.

I’m anxious for next week’s mini-finale and can’t wait for the full 17 episodes in February.