The telegraph.co.uk site has a great article on doctored photos on their site featuring 20 great examples.

I remember doing a presentation on this topic in college. The research was incredibly hard. This was before Google, so most references I used were found after hours and hours of searching. The presentation was for a Journalism Ethics class and featured examples of altered news photos and discussed the impact they could have on the media.

I was pretty proud of the results. Wish I could find a copy of it somewhere. It’s one of the few things I did in college that I’ve not run across since graduating.


In a scene right out of LOST, a strange blue cloud floated around an Ohio gas station for almost 30-minutes before quickly disappearing. Several people reported seeing the image and some believe it was an angel or a ghost.

What the online version of the story is unclear about is whether or not the image appears only in the security video or if the witnesses saw this “cloud” actually floating around the station in person. From reading the story, it sounds like the image only appeared on the camera…meaning it was just a piece of plastic or debris on the camera lens.

Star Simpson and the Bomb Shirt

It was a conflict of book smarts versus common sense when MIT student Star Simpson entered the Logan International Airport wearing a shirt with a circuit board and a 9V battery attached. To make matters worse, she was holding a lump of playdough in her hands.

Star Simpson, 19, was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and approached an airport employee in Terminal C at 8 a.m. to inquire about an incoming flight from Oakland, according to Major Scott Pare of the State Police. She was holding a lump of what looked like putty in her hands. The employee asked about the plastic circuit board on her chest, and Simpson walked away without responding, Pare said.

In the words of Homer Simpson, “I am so smart. S – M – R – T. Smart.”

Having worked in electronics retail for many years, I know that cutting edge products will always drop in price and that first gen. products will always improve with later releases. Even if I weren’t in the middle of a Sprint contract, I personally would have waited. Still, there were hundreds of thousands of people that purchased iPhone’s. The fact that Steve Jobs and Apple will offer customers who paid $599 for their iPhone a $100 credit is amazing. Kudos to Apple for listening to their customers and actually doing something about it.