Use Amazon's TextBuyIt has just announced a new service that allows you to purchase items from them using SMS text messages. The service is called Amazon TextBuyIt.

Text an item to AMAZON (262966) and Amazon will send you a text message with the top 2 results. Reply with a 1 or 2 (indicating which item you want) and Amazon’s ordering system will call to confirm and complete the order.

You can also get more results (above the first 2) by replying with ‘m‘. Amazon will return up to 8 items. Get details on a specific item by replying with the item number, followed by a d. For example, ‘2d‘ would return details on the 2nd item.

You can search by item name, author, artists, or by ISBN/UPC code. Now, when you see a book that want you can order it from Amazon on the spot.

Very cool service.

Hawkman Who's Who Figure

Photo of my Hawkman Who's Who figure. Posted by Flickr and sent by phone.

I recently got a new phone. My old Treo 650 was getting buggy and not holding a good charge. Upgrading my plan has given me a few new features. I can now blog and upload photos to the site from my phone (thanks Flickr). This should come in quite handy on May 27 when the new baby arrives.