The Hero Initiative is starting a fund raiser for retired comic creators. More than 80 artists were asked to participate by drawing a custom sketch on the blank cover of a specially produced Ultimate Spider-Man #100, with 100 total custom covers created. Proceeds from the auctions will benefit the Hero Initiative’s efforts to"provide a financial safety net for yesterdays creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life and an avenue back into paying work."

Comic Book Resources has a great gallery of all 100 covers on their site. Almost every single one is good (but I can’t quite figure out why Ed McGuiness drew Wolverine and Hulk). A few of my personal favorites are:

Al MilgromFred Hembeck Frank Quitely

Joe Quesada Matt Wagner Rick Leonardi

But the absolute best one has got to be the John Romita cover.

John Romita

He was the artist on Amazing Spider-Man from 1966-1970 and his art was the basis for the 1966 Spider-Man cartoon. His son John Romita, Jr. was the artist on Amazing Spider-Man from 1980-1984 and again from 2000-2004.