I’ve blogged about Project Rooftop before in previous incarnations of this site, but it deserves another mention. They’re currently running a spotlight on Supergirl, who could definitely use a redesign right now. A few of the images I recognize from the Draw Supergirl Meme that was making the rounds in early February, but it’s nice to get the info that Project Rooftop provides with each entry.

Plus, you also get a lot of other cool redesigns and re-imaginings at Project Rooftop.

Don't Click It is a great, innovative site that everyone should check out. Is it the wave of the future for computer/mouse navigation? I can't say, but there are some interesting and fun experiments that make you think.

The basic idea of the entire website is to navigate the entire site without once clicking your mouse button. It work's really well and the only time I wanted (or felt a click would work better) is on the wave left/right button select. Definitely a site to check out.