Blade Runner is getting all the press and blog posts, but let’s not forget the other cinematic gem that was released 25 years ago today…

Two screen caps from MegaForce - What a cool jumpsuit and headband.

MegaForce was also released on June 25, 1982. Starring Barry Bostwick as Ace Hunter. He’s the leader of Megaforce, an elite group of American soldiers who travel the world to fight Evil. I don’t think I’ve even seen this movie, but looking at some comics with Carter yesterday, I stumbled across the MegaForce ad offering up membership in MegaForce for only one dollar. For your hard-earned dollar, you would get:

  • The official MegaForce patch
  • MegaForce membership card
  • Reflective bike decal
MegaForce Membership Comic Book Ad

I never joined, but I remember wanting too, thinking the movie looked like the coolest thing to come along since Star Wars. Those were the days when you had to send off for cool stuff by the mail. There was no instant gratification of the Internet. It reminds me of the scene in “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie waits for his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring and is disappointed when he decodes an Ovaltine ad.

I say bring back the mail order promotions and while you’re at it, where is my MegaForce DVD?

Quite a few good finds in today’s Digg and RSS feeds, but none quite worthy of a full post, so it’s a list of links today:

Why is Gas so Expensive is not only a good explanation what goes into gas production, it actually explained several terms I hear around the office quite a bit. Definitely worth a read if you want to learn a little bit more about where all the money goes when you fill your gas tank.

TubeWad looks back at MTV’s The Maxx and reminisces about the days when MTV wasn’t a teen, reality-tv network. The Maxx was based on the Sam Keith comic from Image comics and faithfully translated the story to the screen with animation that was groundbreaking for TV. I remember watching The Maxx and the follow-up show, The Head.

Instructables: not sure how I’ve missed this site for as long as I have. Lots of good ideas to look into further when we get moved into the new house.

retroCRUSH offers their selection of the 100 Scariest Movie Scenes and I’ll have to disagree with many of them, especially on the ranking. Many of the scenes from JAWS would be higher up, as would The Exorcist, if I made the list. However, I didn’t and they did, so they get big props for taking time to compose the list.

YouTube and have pulled the trailer and the only thing I can find it now is the official site. They have a promo video that shows some of the trailer footage. So go check that out and come back for my comments.

Meh…That’s about all I can say. I was really looking forward to this. After seeing this, I’m not that excited. I’ll still check it out, but won’t be expecting much.

When DC Comics announced they were going to produce animated Direct-To-DVD features of several of their properties, it sounded like a win-win idea. More cartoons based on great stories, what’s not to like? If this first trailer is any indication, I’m not so sure.

First, what’s with the saying it’s based on a “graphic novel” instead of a comic book? Does that make it more acceptable. Come on, it’s Superman. Everyone knows Superman is a comic book character. The original story was spread out over many of DC’s Superman related titles for over a year. It just bothers me. Why pretend to be something you’re not?

Second, the animation looks too much like the Superman Animated series. This is just me being a fanboy, but why not have it part of that canon? Why go to the trouble to produce something that’s supposed to be different. Link it to the animated series, but provide enough information that new viewers won’t be lost. I understand they’re aiming this at a more “adult” audience, but I guarantee Carter will want to watch this the minute he see the DVD case or preview.

Oh well, I’ve vented and now I feel better. Just watch the trailer and form your own opinion.