Armadillephant - What Do You Get When You Cross an Elephant and an Armadillo?

I remember thinking the monsters in D&D were cool when I was a kid. Reading the article on HeadInjuryTheater about Stupid D&D Monsters made me realize, some of them were pretty lame. It’s amazing the difference years can make on a concept. Ideas that were cool as a kid now seem silly. When we grow up, do we all lose that sense of wonderment and innocence. I like to think I still have a lot of that in me, but the Armadillephant and others just don’t seem as cool anymore.

I’m not a Guitar Hero player. Partly because I don’t have a console to play it on and mostly because I don’t need anything else to distract me from the 100 other things that I need/want to do daily. Having said that, it looks like an incredibly fun game that plays right to my high-school, heavy metal days. If you’ve watched the video, you’ve seen the insanity that is the song “Through the Fire and the Flames byDragonForce. It’s got to be humanly impossible to do that on a video-game guitar. News I’ve read says the song/level is only a bonus, so it’s not part of the game play path of the full game.

A new site opened today to promote the June 15 release of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Over at you can currently grab 3 games (with 3 more to come) and embed them in your website, blog, or mySpace page. The coolest thing about them is each one generates unique stats and scores for the site in which it is embedded. So, you can play the game here and have the high score, but if you play it on another site, you’re playing against that site’s players. Cool.

Now, try out some Human Torch action.