Kung-Fu Rodeo has a great post going (which links to the original TechRepublic Post) on when Star Wars went to crap.

KFR lists the modification of Mos Eisley in the Special Editions. That didn’t bother me as much as Greedo shooting at Han first. As painful as that was, it still didn’t ruin the series for me. Shortly after that scene, when Han steps on the newly CGI Jabba’s tail, that was the foreshadowing to the end.

In Episode I, JarJar defines when Star Wars went to crap (or when Lucas lost his focus). Additions here and there are fine, but the addition of the comic-relief only JarJar was the final straw. Every moment he was on screen was painful. When he later steps in the animal poop, I knew the movie was not for me.

It still has fun moments (Darth Maul and the Pod Race), but it was aimed at luring in new viewers (kids) and rather than rely on the great sci-fi/fantasy that lured everyone in back in 1977, Lucas went with a more Disney/potty humor route.

Anyone else care to comment on when they think Star Wars went to crap?