Indiana Jones and Harry Potter

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones (for the upcoming 4th film)

Amazing how one photo can create a feeling of excitement or anxiousness. As the talk (and years) of a fourth Indiana Jones film continued, I kept thinking to myself “Harrison Ford will be too old” and “What’s the point.” After seeing that one image, I take it all back. That doesn’t mean the 4th Indiana Jones film won’t suck, but seeing that photo makes me want to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark again and makes me hope that Indy 4 will be great.

Ron Weasley and his siblings stand with wands posed in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The next image shows perfectly one of the reasons I love the Harry Potter series of films. There’s a continuity to the films that has never been achieved before (on the movie screen). It’s similar to watching 2-hour, big budget episodes of a television series like LOST or Heroes. It’s been cool to watch the kids in the Potter films grow up and I hope they all continue in the last two films of the series.

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