Metamorpho The Element Man’s Theme Song

Metamorpho - The Element Man (Rex Mason)

Rex Mason, a soldier for hire, was contracted by Simon Stagg to find the Orb of Ra. When he found it, his cohort, Java, stole it and left Rex in the light of an ancient meteor. This meteor transformed Mason into Metamorpho, the Element Man.

Metamorpho has always been one of my favorite heroes. He’s got that weird/cool 60’s look and interesting powers. So, take a listen to the Metamorpho theme song and let it brighten your day as well.

Metamorpho’s Theme Song


  1. Thanks so much for posting the Metamorpho theme. You made my night! I was just putting my 9-year old son to bed…and we were reading stories from the recent Metamorpho reprint trade paperback. I was telling him about the theme song that I used to have on vinyl…but I could only remember the chorus. Your post brought it all back! My son loved it as well!!!

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