Michael Golden’s (Failed) Return to Comics

The Comic Geek Speak podcast often talks to comic artist Buzz. Until the show, I’d not heard that much about him, but I was familiar with some of his work.

Anyway, Buzz has always professed his admiration Michael Golden, specifically Dr. Strange #55. after investigating Golden a little, I realized how many of my favorite books as a kid were drawn by him and how much his style influenced artists like Art Adams, who was/is another favorite of mine. I actually met Adams and got a sketch from him back in the late 80’s at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC.

Anyway, back to the story, it seems that Golden is making an attempt to get back into comics and procure a little more work, however I don’t think it’s going to work out that well for him. Check out the below piece of art Golden produced as a paid, $500 commission:

Dr. Strange sketch by Micael Golden

You can read the full story here, but the short version is as follows. Golden was paid $500 + $37 shipping, by a fan. The piece was to be delivered within a 6 week time frame. Finally, nine months later, after continually contacting Golden and his agent, the fan received the above image of Dr. Strange apparently blowing a “raspberry” and stating that “Patience is a Virue[sic]”.

I guess Golden isn’t aware of this little thing we call the Internet. I’m sure this story will spread like wildfire and I’d hazard a guess that Golden’s commission work (and rate) will decrease as the convention season comes to a close.

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