Mittlewerk Makes Toys

This past Wednesday, Marvel Comics relaunched their series Thunderbolts with issue #110. The relaunch has a team of villains led by a newly pardoned Norman Osborne (Green Goblin) tracking down super-heroes who have not registered with the government.

Evidently the comic features a page that "shows" a TV commercial for Thunderbolts toys. When I saw a scan of it, I got a kick out of the manufacturer mentioned. Seems that the writers are a fan of the show "Lost." The toy company is Mittlewerk, which is the name of the character on "Lost" that eventually took over the Hanso Foundation.

Either that, or it could be a vague reference to the facility the Nazis built. Here's the definition of the "Lostpedia" entry on Thomas Mittlewerk.

"Mittelwerk was a large underground facility built by the Nazis that was staffed with prisoners transferred from concentration camps. The conditions were horrific and thousands of prisoners died due to malnutrition, disease, exhaustion or hanging (by camp guards). The site is where Hitler ordered the V-2 missile to be built, it being the first missile or vehicle to pass the sound barrier."

Considering the toy commercial portrayed in the comic book shows the Thunderbolts based out of a underground mountain lair, this could also be a possibility.

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