Snowblind (Ghost Rider villain)

Snowblind - Lame Ghost Rider Villain

Snowblind didn't have a lot going for him. Combine his lame costume with his lame power (I'm blind, but I can see in a field that makes others blind) and you can easily see why he was killed off after only a few appearances in the 2nd volume of Ghost Rider. Not much else I can say about this guy.

Biographical Data

Real name: Unrevealed
Other aliases at time of death: None
Former aliases : None known
Dual identity: Known to the legal authorities
Occupation at time of death: Businessman dealing in narcotics, sometimes assassin
Former occupation: Assassin
Citizenship: United States of America
Legal status: Held in police custody at time of demise.
Place of birth: Unrevealed
Place of death: Manhattan
Cause of death: Life force drained by Deathwatch
Marital status: Unrevealed
Known relatives: None
Known confidants: None
Known allies: Captain Gene Hoffman (NYPD), (former) Deathwatch (deceased), Francesca Tofield
Major enemies: Ghost Rider II, Deathwatch (deceased), Hag, Troll, Lieutenant Michael Badalino (NYPD)
Base of operations at time of death: an unspecified brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, New York
Former base of operations: None known
Group membership at time of death: Headed own narcotics distribution organization
Former group membership: None known
Extent of education: Unrevealed

Physical Description

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: No visible irises
Hair: White
Other distinguishing features: None

Powers and Abilities

Intelligence: Normal
Strength: Normal, (enhanced) Superhuman Class 10
Speed: Athlete, (enhanced) Enhanced human
Stamina: Athlete, (enhanced) Enhanced human
Durability: Athlete, (enhanced) Enhanced human
Agility: Athlete, (enhanced) Enhanced human
Reflexes: Athlete, (enhanced) Enhanced human
Fighting skills: Highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant
Special skills and abilities: Trained in assassination techniques
Superhuman physical powers: Aside from the above listed attributes, the ability to project a "white field" of light in which only he can see, but normal human beings cannot. Ghost Rider II can see within this field unless Snowblind turned part of it back upon himself. Snowblind's physical attributes increased within this field of light
Superhuman mental powers: None
Special limitations: Snowblind is blind except within his "white field".
Source of superhuman powers: Unrevealed

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