WizardWorld.com Redesign (Wizard Magazine)

Wizard magazine has had an odd web presence since it first appeared on the WWW years ago. I seem to remember the first incarnation of the site had a cool feature where you could input all your comics or toys (the items they featured in their price guide) and save it as a collection on the website. This feature disappeared in a redesign that was part of a magazine restructure and I never really frequented the site since. I’ll occasionally visit if I see a link to the site that interests me.

With their latest attempt at a redesign, I don’t see my usage changing much. While they still have columns by writers I like (Geoff Johns, JG Jones, Brian Bendis), the layout may even be worse now. I spotted a few errors on the home page (incorrect links, non-function news boxes) on my visit and I’m guessing this layout will go the way of the others in about six months time, gradually being updated less and less.

There were rumors floating around about Wizard not paying it’s web designer / content manager, which could have been part of the problem. For now, and the foreseeable future, I’ll continue getting by news from Newsarama.

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