South Korean Superman Movie

When you hear about superhero films from other countries, it usually conjures up images of low budget, badly acted parodies of the superhero films that so many of us love.

That was my initial thought when I heard about Supermanyi Eodeon Sanayi or (A Man Who Was Superman) over on Geeks of Doom. Way more than a superhero flick, “A Man Who Was Superman” sounds like an intelligent take on the superhero genre, one that resembles nothing I’ve ever seen or read before.

Here’s a part of the description:

While filming, her camera is stolen camera by a thief. The camera is quickly retrieved by a man in a Hawaiian shirt (played by actor Jeong-min Hwang) who claims to be Superman. He explains to Soo-jung that he has been rendered powerless by a villain who placed shards of Kryptonite in his head, but still does good deeds like rescuing lost dogs, persuading a man not to wander about naked in public — and sometimes regains enough power to stand on his head and push the Earth away from a collision course with the Sun.

Definitely one to look for later in 2008, when it makes its way to DVD.

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