Carter (and the Dodgers) played their last game of the Spring season last night. We were up a against the undefeated White Sox. Even though we lost the game (16-8), Carter played possibly the best fielding game ever.

He was attentive, fast and ready for every hit. He knew where to take the ball every time and if he got an out, he’d turn around and check the other bases.

Here’s a video of him getting an out at first and then running home to try and get another:

Our regular first baseman had left for vacation (since school was out) or Carter could have thrown it to first, like he did at a previous game:

I couldn’t be more proud of him. He loves playing ball and wants to play (and practice). I won’t push him to play, but I do encourage him – because he’s good.

I’m looking forward to Fall Ball. I’ll be stepping up as head coach and hopefully we’ll have another fun season.


This past Sunday, the wife, kids and I were making the 1-hour drive home from visiting my grandmother. Most of the trips if Interstate or Parkway travel through undeveloped areas.

It’s shortly after 6 p.m., it’s dark and the boys are both asleep in the back. I’m doing about 75 MPH and I notice something crawling out of the median.

I quickly hit the brakes and I fully saw the gray coyote walk directly into the road. I started to swerve a little bit and I realized if I swerved any more it would put us and the van directly in the median. Not a place I wanted to be,

Sorry, Mr. Coyote. It was either you or my family.

Wile E. did have his revenge. The impact cracked the front bumper on the passenger side and knocked a cover off behind the front passenger tire.

All things considered, it was an even trade.

Indiana Jones Halloween Costume Here’s Carter’s Halloween costume for 2008. The hat, whip, gun, and pouch were all gifts from Dad (birthday and other). The cloths were all items in his closet. A little brown makeup for a 5-o’clock shadow and the look was complete.

This has got to be one of my favorite costumes (although he’s only dressed up 5 times). I think I like it because it’s partially homemade or not a store bought kit. It looks more real.

Anything is way better than the plastic shirts and masks we had as a kid.

Riley is dressing up as Charlie Brown—because what baby doesn’t look like Charlie Brown. Photos of that to come.

Murfreesboro Reds

I’ve not posted a whole lot on the site lately and that’s for several reasons.

One reason is T-Ball. Never in a million years would I have imagined I would enjoy coaching T-Ball (asst. coaching) as much as I do. I was thrown into it in the Spring when Jill volunteered me at Carter’s first practice.

I’ve never been a big sports guy. Imagine that. A web developer/comic geek/pop culture geek not being into sports. Cliche much? Anyway…

I managed to take it in stride and appreciated her encouragement that she wanted someone out there to help the kids that would push them to have fun and encourage them. The first season in the Spring was so much fun that two of the other Dads and I decided to keep our kids together and coach a team this Fall.

Fall T-Ball is busy. Two games a week and none on the weekends makes for long days, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Not only is Carter doing great, but we’ve got a great team. Every kid has improved over the course of the season. It’s amazing. I’ll be sad when we play our last game next week.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting the Spring season in 2009 and hope that we can keep as many of these kids together as we can.