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Halloween is getting close, but even if it weren’t, the above 2 items might have to be purchased. Both are available on Amazon for less than $11 each. These would go perfect with the Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Iron Man, Batman, and Spider-Man role play items that Carter has.

Alex Ross Cover to Captain American #34Every fan knew that Marvel wouldn’t go long without Captain America. What most did not know, was the method of his return. While we won’t know the details until January, Marvel has just announced that a new Captain America will make his debut in January’s Captain American #34.

Judging from the picture, my guess would the Winter Soldier will be the new Cap. Series writer Ed Brubaker “created” the character from Cap’s past and he’s quickly become a fan favorite and the most likely to take over the role.

The new Cap costume is pretty cool looking and not too different (which it shouldn’t be). I’m not crazy about the gun. Captain America wouldn’t use a gun/laser. I hope they get rid of that pretty quick. Overall, I’m glad to see the story continuing, but I still wouldn’t rule out the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, making a return appearance to the Marvel Universe. Brubaker even comments in the article that he’s only halfway through his story:

This was always the plan, to have—with issue #34, halfway through the whole big, ‘Death of Captain America’ epic story—[a new Cap]. So, you know, it’s all very, very planned out, believe it or not. I have an extensive notebook that I sometimes lose. Which is kind of traumatic.” Ed Brubaker

Be sure to read the full story on for more images the new Alex Ross costume and the new Captain America.

Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer comes out this weekend and I’m not ashamed to say I’m excited about it. When I finally made it out to see Spider-Man 3, I enjoyed it, but would have enjoyed it more if Carter could have watched it as well (it was a little to scary for him). I would have also like a few more action sequences (or extended versions of the existing ones). As it was, I felt the villains (and Spidey) received too little screen time. After all, that’s the real reason I go see the silver-screen versions of the comics, to see cool, live representations of the comics I’ve loved for years. I think the new Fantastic Four movie will deliver just that (and Carter and Jill will be right there with me), thanks to the PG rating.

Next up is Transformers and it keeps looking better and better. New tv commercials keep popping up and the “big robots” keep looking better and better. It looks a little explosion heavy, so Carter may not make it to that one, but I’d say that we’ll get to see lots of big robots transforming and beating each other up and what more could you want?

It looks like Marvel is making plans for 2009 and lining up Captain America and Thor for their big screen debuts. These two are the next logical step (after 2008’s Iron Man and Hulk). Throw in an Ant Man film that’s been rumored for a while and you’ve got the perfect setup for an Avengers film in 2010. Since Marvel Studios owns the rights to all of these characters (with Paramount distributing the individual films), there is no reason a team film can’t be done.

It’s too bad DC hasn’t gone Hollywood as well as Marvel has. Their slate of upcoming films includes only the next Batman (The Dark Knight) film (featuring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger). Another Superman film has been rumored, as well as films starring Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Rumors aside, Batman is the only one in production.

Sadly, that sums it all up. Let’s see some more DC films. Also, I’m ready for a real photo of Heath Ledger as the Joker, none of the viral marketing stuff, let’s see the real thing. The I Love Harvey Dent Too website stated “see you in December.” I guess we have to wait until then.

Captain America - Steve Rogers - Dead at 89

In a sad turn of events, Marvel Comics has decided that it was time to get rid of Captain America.

Captain America surrendered after failing to register as a super-powered individual following the events of the recent Civil War crossover. Pitted against his former best friend, Iron Man, Cap was fighting for what he believed America wanted. When he was attacked by ordinary citizens in the streets of New York, he realized how wrong he was and surrendered to police custody. Only a week later (real time), he's been shot and killed by a sniper on the way to court.

I can somewhat understand what they're attempting to do here. Old America is dead. The things that we used to hold true to our heart (Mom, Baseball and Apple Pie) have been replaced by iPods, H2 Hummers and Youtube. More than any other hero (except maybe Superman) Cap stood as a beacon of hope and a physical embodiment of America.

Current Captain America series writer Ed Brubaker had this to say about Captain America's current relevance to today's society:

"What I found is that all the really hard-core left-wing fans want Cap to be standing out on and giving speeches on the streetcorner against the Bush administration, and all the really right-wing [fans] all want him to be over in the streets of Baghdad, punching out Saddam."

To that I have to say, so what. Does that mean he has to stand for one of those two viewpoints? Could he not have had his own? Couldn't you use Cap to motivate people to speak their mind, no matter their opinion?

In the end, it doesn't matter. Marvel has made their decision and will live with it until it benefits them to bring him back. With Cap's friend Nick Fury in hiding for the past few years, it will be no surprise to me when he reveals that the "Cap" that was shot and kill was a SHIELD Life Model Decoy and that the real Cap, Steve Rogers, has been working underground with him.

We know that he won't stay dead. I would guess that in less than 6 months, another hero will appear in the familiar red, white, and blue costume. The "impostor" will parade around as Cap for a while until the real one reappears. With copyright laws such as they are, Marvel cannot go without publishing a Captain America series for too long a period or the rights would revert back to creator Joe Simon.

"It's a hell of a time for him to go. We really need him now," said co-creator Joe Simon, 93, after being informed of his brainchild's death.

The sad part about that quote (as a friend mentioned to me), is that at 93, Simon may not be around to see his creation, his legacy, return.

Added Captain America to the Who's OHotMU page today.