Captain America Returns

Alex Ross Cover to Captain American #34Every fan knew that Marvel wouldn’t go long without Captain America. What most did not know, was the method of his return. While we won’t know the details until January, Marvel has just announced that a new Captain America will make his debut in January’s Captain American #34.

Judging from the picture, my guess would the Winter Soldier will be the new Cap. Series writer Ed Brubaker “created” the character from Cap’s past and he’s quickly become a fan favorite and the most likely to take over the role.

The new Cap costume is pretty cool looking and not too different (which it shouldn’t be). I’m not crazy about the gun. Captain America wouldn’t use a gun/laser. I hope they get rid of that pretty quick. Overall, I’m glad to see the story continuing, but I still wouldn’t rule out the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, making a return appearance to the Marvel Universe. Brubaker even comments in the article that he’s only halfway through his story:

This was always the plan, to have—with issue #34, halfway through the whole big, ‘Death of Captain America’ epic story—[a new Cap]. So, you know, it’s all very, very planned out, believe it or not. I have an extensive notebook that I sometimes lose. Which is kind of traumatic.” Ed Brubaker

Be sure to read the full story on for more images the new Alex Ross costume and the new Captain America.


  1. Duncan, I’m with you. The costume isn’t bad as far as these kinds of “updates” go, but the gun really bothers me (as you probably already know if you saw my blog this week).

  2. Reading a few interviews with Brubaker, I’m not as against it now as I was originally. Cap (and Bucky) were from the WW II era and soldiers. They used guns and other weapons. I definitely like the more military version of Cap from the Ultimates line. I’ll definitely be interested to see where this goes.

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