Confessions of a Superhero website screenshot

A big thanks to Matt for leaving a comment on my previous post about Confessions of a Superhero. Somehow I missed the website for the film ( Besides being incredibly well done, it’s got a good bit of content. Just enough that you want to read it all, but not so much that it puts you off. Check out a few extra video clips and photos. Definitely worth a visit if you were at all interested in the movie.

So here’s another post hoping that the film winds up playing sometime in the Nashville area.

The other day I ran across a CD of music from the Incredible Hulk TV Series from 1977. It’s got the classic intro and the unforgettable end credit theme (the Lonely Man theme). However, tucked away as track 18, could be quite possibly the greatest song I’ve heard in quite some time. I’m referring to the Disco Version of the Hulk Theme and Lonely Man Theme. So, get out your roller skates and bell-bottom pants and enjoy.

Hulk Disco Theme

What the!!?? I really want to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and I believe all the hype I’ve heard about it. So I was excited to hear that the director of the film had been signed to direct a long in development film of The Hulk. Great, right.

Maybe not, after reading an article at DarkHorizons. Ang Lee says he will likely change the entire script and concept. Will it still be The Hulk, probably not? The problem with film adaptations of comics is that the source is not respected. It is changed too much beyond what needs to be changed.

The reason the X-Men worked so well is because director Bryan Singer respected the source material and changed only what made sense. Only time will tell. Hopefully it will be for the better, but I just don’t know. After the X-Men, everyone is gung-ho (old GI Joe character) to make the next big comic book film.