If you loved the Challenge of the SuperFriends with the Legion of Doom, this is the episode for you.

When a construction crew recovers the Hall of Doom, Batman and Robin wonder how the workers obtained top secret information. That crew is really the Legion of Doom, and they capture the duo. They then go to the Hall of Justice to take over and turn Superman and Wonder Woman into crystal. Luthor and company start a crime wave, but the heroes manage to escape and stop the Legion before robbing Fort Knox.

When the Wayne Building in Gotham City suffers a severe shake-up, Batman, Robin, and Apache Chief learn that the spirit of an Iroquois Indian (I’m not even gonna try to spell the Indian’s name!) is haunting the building. The spirit believes that the building was built on top of a burial mound, but Apache Chief leads him to the actual location of the burial ground, outside Gotham City.