Carter Superman Drawing

Something about that drawing just makes me absolutely happy.

Carter’s been drawing a lot lately. He’ll wake up in the morning and go to his table in the bonus room and draw. Jill set him up a table with crayons, markers, scissors, and glue in the back of the bonus room and I dug out a few old art pads for him to use.

He’ll draw something, ask for comments, draw some more. When he’s done, he usually cuts it out of the pad and presents it to Jill or myself for approval.

The picture above was drawn this past weekend at Grandma’s house. He had several pages of pictures he’d drawn and this one just amazed me. I asked him if it was supposed to be Superman and he said “Yep” and kept on going. I think I’ll start archiving some of these for him to see when he gets older.

Confessions of a Superhero website screenshot

A big thanks to Matt for leaving a comment on my previous post about Confessions of a Superhero. Somehow I missed the website for the film ( Besides being incredibly well done, it’s got a good bit of content. Just enough that you want to read it all, but not so much that it puts you off. Check out a few extra video clips and photos. Definitely worth a visit if you were at all interested in the movie.

So here’s another post hoping that the film winds up playing sometime in the Nashville area.

Cover to Action Comics #857 featuring the Bizarro Justice League

Bizarro returns to Action Comics in issue #855 (on sale 08/29/2007) courtesy of Geoff Johns, Richard Donner and artist Eric Powell. Just look at that cover to issue #857 with the Bizarro Justice League. It’s hilarious. The fat Flash and happy Batman are the best.

I can’t imagine the story being anything but amazing. Johns has excelled at integrating past history into the recent continuity of the DC Universe and director/producer Richard Donner has invigorated the Superman franchise with new takes on old ideas. Top it off with art by Eric Powell, who is THE perfect artist for a story involving Bizarro, and I’m ready to start reading.

When Earth’s sun suddenly turns red, Superman loses his powers. The SuperFriends discover that a Kryptonian named Zycree has escaped from the Phantom Zone and is causing the sun to turn red in order to get revenge on Superman. In order to save Superman, the SuperFriends must stop Zycree.

YouTube and have pulled the trailer and the only thing I can find it now is the official site. They have a promo video that shows some of the trailer footage. So go check that out and come back for my comments.

Meh…That’s about all I can say. I was really looking forward to this. After seeing this, I’m not that excited. I’ll still check it out, but won’t be expecting much.

When DC Comics announced they were going to produce animated Direct-To-DVD features of several of their properties, it sounded like a win-win idea. More cartoons based on great stories, what’s not to like? If this first trailer is any indication, I’m not so sure.

First, what’s with the saying it’s based on a “graphic novel” instead of a comic book? Does that make it more acceptable. Come on, it’s Superman. Everyone knows Superman is a comic book character. The original story was spread out over many of DC’s Superman related titles for over a year. It just bothers me. Why pretend to be something you’re not?

Second, the animation looks too much like the Superman Animated series. This is just me being a fanboy, but why not have it part of that canon? Why go to the trouble to produce something that’s supposed to be different. Link it to the animated series, but provide enough information that new viewers won’t be lost. I understand they’re aiming this at a more “adult” audience, but I guarantee Carter will want to watch this the minute he see the DVD case or preview.

Oh well, I’ve vented and now I feel better. Just watch the trailer and form your own opinion.