This message was in my YouTube account inbox today:

Some of your “Superfriends” episodes you post are too SCARY for kids. The ones I noticed are “Voodoo Vampire“, “Creature From The Dump“, and “Circus Of Horrors“.
Why don’t you show some less scary ones in the future because kids don’t want to see superheroes turning into monsters?

If those are too scary, please don’t watch the latest two videos I’ve uploaded:


Star Simpson and the Bomb Shirt

It was a conflict of book smarts versus common sense when MIT student Star Simpson entered the Logan International Airport wearing a shirt with a circuit board and a 9V battery attached. To make matters worse, she was holding a lump of playdough in her hands.

Star Simpson, 19, was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and approached an airport employee in Terminal C at 8 a.m. to inquire about an incoming flight from Oakland, according to Major Scott Pare of the State Police. She was holding a lump of what looked like putty in her hands. The employee asked about the plastic circuit board on her chest, and Simpson walked away without responding, Pare said.

In the words of Homer Simpson, “I am so smart. S – M – R – T. Smart.”

Armadillephant - What Do You Get When You Cross an Elephant and an Armadillo?

I remember thinking the monsters in D&D were cool when I was a kid. Reading the article on HeadInjuryTheater about Stupid D&D Monsters made me realize, some of them were pretty lame. It’s amazing the difference years can make on a concept. Ideas that were cool as a kid now seem silly. When we grow up, do we all lose that sense of wonderment and innocence. I like to think I still have a lot of that in me, but the Armadillephant and others just don’t seem as cool anymore.

YouTube Spam – Seriously, how hard is it to implement a filter to keep people from posting their URL/Cam Site names as comments on my video posts. Any given day I can check and 1/3 of my new comments will be spam. Marking it spam never seems to work and I swear that if I mark it as spam, it reappears the next time I check the post.

Come on YouTube, let’s get some seriously good comment spam protection going.

Badly Formatted Top 10 Lists – You know that a good list (Top 10 Ways, Best, Most Sucessful, etc.) will get you on Digg no problem, but formatting that list with only one entry per page means that I probably won’t read it. How hard is it to make something easy to read? Do you want to turn away readers?

Here’s a good list – ASME’s Top 40 Magazine Covers and a bad list – AOL Money & Finance: Most Successful Movie Franchises.

Guess which one I read?