Firefox Quicktime HD (qtl) Links

Recently, I started having problems viewing certain HD QuickTime links. Before, I could click on the link to the HD trailer (480, 720, or 1080) and the QuickTime window would open and the trailer would start to load. Somewhere along the line, that changed. I’m not sure if developers are linking the content differently or if Firefox or QuickTime changed their loading structure, but .qtl links were not working in Firefox (or IE for that matter).

When clicked, the link would present the SAVE or OPEN dialog. Selecting open would open a small QuickTime window, with no content. Saving the file and then opening it produced the same results. After watching one or two non-HD trailers, I had to find a solution and here it is.

If you are presented with a SAVE/OPEN dialog box when clicking a .qtl QuickTime HD link, simply save the .qtl and change the extension to .TXT. Open the resulting text file and you should see the direct link to the HD trailer. Open up QuickTime. Select File -> Open URL (CTRL + U) and paste in the URL and you’re ready to go. Welcome back HD QuickTime goodness.

For instance, the following link:

Links to this, when saved:


  1. i have founf that this method doesnt work directly with me however if you take the link and use it in firefox the file plays in there
    also this links to a new url which can be used in quicktime

  2. Frank – I know how you felt. I looked and then looked some more and finally found this solution on a forum somewhere and thought I’d post it and share with others. Glad it worked for you.

  3. Please help now i can’t do that i don’t now why there is some thing new like this:” ftypqt  qt žmoov lmvhd Âs¡TÂs¡T X     @  *udta play aqui WLOCd d wide mdat ” and i don’t what i have to do

  4. And that message appear after i save it and open in notepad, then when i open that message appear and there i don’t found any url like in the others. thanks for the interest in my case

  5. Thank you very much for this tip. I have similar problem (only on Yahoo! movies, not on Apple trailers etc.), and I hope this will do the trick.

    Answers to this problem on Yahoo!’s site were useless. So thanks again!

  6. Hey,

    Thanks for the great advice! I’ve been in need of a solution for this for a long time.

    Alternatively, you can open the .qtl file that you’ve downloaded in notepad and that will save you an extra step.

    But thanks immensely for this!


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