Yahoo! Movies Spider-Man 3 Exclusive Trailer

I guess this is the final, final trailer for Spider-Man 3 (May 4, 2007). Yahoo! Movies has an exclusive trailer and the only difference I see between this one and the Comcast Exclusive trailer is the above shot or Venom. The rest of the shots may be edited in a different order, but only one new image/sequence to see. Yahoo! also has the 7-minute preview that was previously only available on for a 24-hour period. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Back to the Yahoo! preview, I’ve got to say Venom looks great. I wish he were a little bigger than Spider-Man (and I miss the white logo), but they’ve pulled off what I thought would be an almost impossible character to visualize. Throw in the Sandman, who is probably one of my all time favorite Spider-Man villains and this could easily be my favorite of the trilogy of Spider-Man films.


  1. Much better but?………….

    Where is the tongue?
    where is the big white logo in chest?
    where is the tall Venom?
    Where is the big teeth?

    Poor Raimi Venom. I hope you spend the movie time smiling, yawning or screaming. That’s will be the only way for seeing that tiny teeth. What a pair of big lips.

    Sam…… you destroyed Venom.

  2. I think the tongue will get longer. That’s just speculation on my part, based on the toys I’ve seen in stores. I do miss the white logo and “largeness” of Venom, but I don’t think it will be a deal breaker.

    You know, it looks way better than the Mighty Morphin Green Goblin from the first film.

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