Spider-Man 4 Villain Revealed to Be Morlun?

CinemaBlend has a report from a few weeks ago stating they have a source that states it is highly likely that the villain in Spider-Man 4 (we all know it will happen) will be Morlun.

Morlun is a vampire of sorts and a newer villain created by current Amazing Spider-Man writer J. Michael Stracynski. To say the least, Stracynski’s run on Amazing Spider-Man has be underwhelming and controversial. Many think that his story-lines start out strong, but never have an ending that lives up to their promise. I can’t say for sure, as Ultimate Spider-Man is the only Spider-Man title I read on a regular basis.

Morlun was part of a larger storyline that attempted to re-define Peter’s origin and tie it to more mystical means. The idea that Spider-Man is the bearer of powers granted by a Spider totem was floated. Similar notions were hinted at for his many animal themed villains (Vulture, Rhino, Puma, Lizard, etc.). The story culminated with Spider-Man dying and being reborn. His powers were altered and he gained organic web shooter (similar to the movie Spider-Man) and his Spider-Sense allowed him to “listen” to spiders. He also developed Wolverine-like claws in the form of one long stinger than emerged from each arm.

Spider-Man with Stingers (Claws)

Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up.

Anyway, back to Morlun. I’m not saying they won’t use him as a villain, but I can bet at this point in time, they’ve haven’t given it much thought. The studios, writers, and director will all have different ideas as to who and what villain they want. Raimi stated over and over that he didn’t want to use Venom unless he had an idea that called for the character. Also, there are too many classic villains left for Spider-Man 4. Just click that link to see my thoughts on that topic. Truthfully, we won’t know anything concrete for at least a year. When an actor is cast, then that will be the first real proof we have.

Until then, let the speculation continue (and I’ll continue to speculate a Spider-Man 4 without Morlun).


  1. I beleive that this will be the new villan as many possible villans are not up to movie standards

  2. The villains that i think will be in spiderman 4 is carnage, the lizard,and the return of venom,maybe with Kraven

  3. Please god not Morlan.

    We’ve had enough Vampire villains in Blade, Van Helsing and Underworld. We don’t need another.
    Unless they make a sequel to Blade Trinity they could use Morlan in that and possibly Morbius the Living Vampire to team up. But there not going to ruin blade anymore after Trinity.

    Some of the more classic and popular villains like Lizard, Carnage, Scorpion, Hob Goblin and Kraven the Hunter would be good as main villains for Spider-man 4.

    I wouldn’t mind Venom coming back but I’m guessing if Sam Raimi is going to direct again he’ll try to make sure Venom doesn’t come back and will try to avoid Carnage at all costs. Only way we’ll get Venom and Carnage is if a new director takes over but this could ruin the spider-man series even more. The whole symbiote storyline is in a no win situation. Sam Raimi won’t want to have anything else to do with them unless he’s under alot of pressure. And if they get a new director to do the Symbiote storyline then we could end up with a crap plot and crap people to portay the characters.

    Still want Venom, Carnage and Lizard to be in 4 if possible.

  4. I almost would like to see Venom again, but I feel they ruined the chance they had for a good story with that character. The Eddie Brock/Venom story hit a lot of the right points in Spider-Man 3, but it could have been expanded on much more.

    Ideally, Spider-Man 3 would have been Sandman and New Goblin. Heck, keep Spider-man in the black suit until 4, then hit the beats associated with that and give them the room they new. The disgrace of Eddie Brock could have been much more and I would have liked more than one encounter with Venom.

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