The Gotham Times (Dark Knight)

Lots of sites appeared last week related to 2008’s Batman The Dark Knight movie. The RorysDeathKiss site was updated with clues to the “Times” rolling in shortly after Thanksgiving. The “Times” was revealed to the the newspaper, The Gotham Times. Users that submitted photos to RorysDeathKiss were sent 25 copies of The Gotham Times newspaper (viewable at

The best stuff appeared later at, a site setup by the Joker, showing his cut and paste modifications to the Gotham Times. My favorite has to be the recipe “How to Cook Vishnu the Elephant” on page two of the HaHa Times. Lots of fun tidbits in there if you take the time to look.

Be sure to check out SuperHero Hype for the other sites and a full write-up of the events that originally started at

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