MEG Movie Resurfaces

Meg - the Prehistoric Shark Author Steve Alten’s MEG series of books have been a guilty pleasure of mine. The first was a great and unique read. Imagine a prehistoric shark the size of a bus roaming the seas in the world today. It was Jaws (favorite movie), only dinosaur sized. That’s a combination that all boys are predisposed to like.

The book was a great success and it spawned to sequels (a third is due Summer of 2009). The first sequel The Trench was a great continuation of the story. but are still tremendous fun. The second sequel–Meg: Primal Waters–was an adrenaline filled, MTV style sequel that went for action over science. It was fun, but not as good as the first two books.

It’s a perfect idea for a movie and there have been many attempts. The most recent was a 2 year plus attempt by now defunct studio New Line. For a full history of the cinematic trials and tribulations of MEG you can read a great story recently posted by the LA Times. Hopefully, someone will get a the giant shark on film.

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