Star Wars – Deal or No Deal

Chewbacca, R2, and Howie Make a Deal 

This post is all about revelations. In one blog post I discovered three things relating to Star Wars I didn’t know.

  1. I had no idea there was an “official’ blog. It’s surprisingly good and filled with fun and quirky Star Wars/Lucas related content. RSS Added!
  2. While you’re at the Star Wars blog site, be sure to check their Flickr page as well. It’s full of great photos (over 1,200) and there are some gems hidden in there. This particular “Vader Project” entry cracks me up. 
  3. It’s sad how far Star Wars and Lucasfilm will go to promote their characters now. On Monday, April 28, many characters will appear on the NBC show Deal or No Deal. Darth Vader will be the banker, the models will wear Slave Leia costumes, and Chewbacca and R2-D2 will also appear. If you’re going to allow this, then it’s time to release the Star Wars Christmas Special on DVD.

I’ve always considered myself a Star Wars fan (even a fanatic). As I’ve grown older, I’ve grown out of it to an extent. The new movies didn’t fascinate me as much and I only occasionally read some of the novels. I think the lack of original content caused me to go elsewhere (comic books) and the lack of depth in the content cemented the passing of the torch to comics. With all the various publishers, writers and creators out there, the amount and variety (horror, sci-fi, heroes, real life, etc.) out there is hard to compete with.

Still, I’ll always be willing to sit and watch or read Star Wars if I’m in the mood. Carter and I will be in the theater opening weekend for the Clone Wars cartoon movie and I’m sure we’ll watch the cartoon and upcoming live action show and not miss an episode.

I just hope they’re good.

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