SuperFriends 1973 DVD 1 Menu Another set a long time in the making, the SuperFriends 1973 cartoon is easily my least favorite of the SuperFriends series. Since Warner has done a great job of releasing the other series in the SuperFriends line of shows, I had to complete the original set. Something tells me we may not see this set for a while.

Featuring Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog, this was the first series to refer to the Justice League as the SuperFriends. Each 44-minute episode featured the main cast of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog battling a villain or menace created specifically for the show. No comic villains were used.

Two episodes (of the 16 total) did feature guest appearances from other heroes. Green Arrow played a prominent role in one episode and Plastic Man made a minor appearance in another.

Krypto DVD Menu When Cartoon Network announced the Krypto cartoon a few years ago, I was excited to see a new cartoon for kids done in a more classic style. So many shows now feature wacky characters doing wacky things. The idea of an innocent adventure cartoon for kids was appealing. The series premiered and I wasn’t disappointed.

As with many of the shows I record, I wanted to make this set to share with Carter. I also wanted to experiment with the menu as well. I had figured out how to create custom thumbnails, but that wouldn’t work on a set with so many episodes and such long episode titles. I decided to use one large thumbnail in the shape of the Superman S. Placed behind Krypto, it plays the intro to the show and provides the background music for the menu.

I recently completed this set. It took quite a while to catch all of the Season 2 episodes, as they premiered with little fanfare. However, the set is now done a looks great.

When you hear about superhero films from other countries, it usually conjures up images of low budget, badly acted parodies of the superhero films that so many of us love.

That was my initial thought when I heard about Supermanyi Eodeon Sanayi or (A Man Who Was Superman) over on Geeks of Doom. Way more than a superhero flick, “A Man Who Was Superman” sounds like an intelligent take on the superhero genre, one that resembles nothing I’ve ever seen or read before.

Here’s a part of the description:

While filming, her camera is stolen camera by a thief. The camera is quickly retrieved by a man in a Hawaiian shirt (played by actor Jeong-min Hwang) who claims to be Superman. He explains to Soo-jung that he has been rendered powerless by a villain who placed shards of Kryptonite in his head, but still does good deeds like rescuing lost dogs, persuading a man not to wander about naked in public — and sometimes regains enough power to stand on his head and push the Earth away from a collision course with the Sun.

Definitely one to look for later in 2008, when it makes its way to DVD.


It’s little things like that image above that make comics so fun. Artists (and writers) insert all kinds of little references and in-jokes for perceptive readers to find. Some of them (like a Vulcan–from Star Trek– Green Lantern) make perfect sense.

The Green Lantern Corps is supposed to have a member from every sector in the galaxy, so a Vulcan GL Corp member makes sense. One little reference makes the comic universe seem so expansive and large and feel like anything can happen. For those that want to check his one-panel appearance, see Green Lantern 2nd Series (1976), Issue #90 – “Those Who Worship Evil’s Might.”