Do You Believe in Harvey Dent – Batman The Dark Knight

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent (Two-Face) in the Dark Knight.

I want to believe in Harvey Dent, but Warner Bros. has messed that up in the past.

I remember the excitement in the fan/comic community when it was revealed that Billy Dee Williams was playing Harvey Dent in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film. Most Batman fans know that the Joker disfigures district attorney Harvey Dent with acid, causing his face to be horribly scarred and turning him into the villain Two-Face. So, everyone assumed that Two-Face would be in the next Batman movie (Batman Returns) and be played by Williams.


They didn’t use Two-Face until the third sequel, Batman Forever, and then the character was portrayed as a Joker rip-off and not the cunning, crime boss he is supposed to be. Even worse, Billy Dee Williams was nowhere to be found and was replaced by Tommy Lee Jones, who I’ll admit, looked visually like the character.

Let’s hope that the Batman Returns sequel (The Dark Knight) will end with the Joker (Heath Ledger) dousing Aaron Eckhart with acid and that the filmmakers bring him back for the third film.


  1. Wow, ok so someone doesn’t read the comics. Actually the Joker had nothing to do with the origin of two face, if you read the comic or were a fan, you’d know that. Harvey Dent was prosecuting crime boss, Vincent Maroni when it happened. Maroni wasn’t going down with out a fight, so he smuggled acid into the court room via assistant DA Adrian Fields, threw it into Dent’s face then was shot dead by court bailiffs. The Joker was no where in site! Don’t go around talking about crap that you don’t know anything about.

  2. Well, I’ll admit when I’m wrong nachotoonz and I was wrong. I guess I remember this and got my characters mixed up:

    From Wikipedia “During the Batman weekday comic strips published during the 1980s, the origin story was given a slight adjustment. In this version, Harvey Dent was scarred by a vial of acid intended for the Joker, thrown by an unnamed bystander.”

    I remembered that it was a trial involving the Joker and Dent. Thanks for the comment pointing out my error.

  3. Hate to sound like a know it all but your both right. The fact is there has been so many differant comic series there has been 1001 differant ways, not just 2 face but how all the villains came about. No matter how they do it in the film you can’t complain because all comics have the unversal rule which is if it don’t corrispond with other comics in the series its just a differant dimension or universe. The best example is in Tim bertons Bat man The joker (good old jack nickolson) killed batmans parents yet in the new films that story has been changed.

  4. I long ago realized that the movies would always change things (and sometimes for the better). As long as they get the idea behind the character right. The Riddler and Two-Face in Batman Forever were completely wrong. They played both of them as maniacal, playful, over-the-top villains and that is absolutely not how they should be played. They basically had two Jokers in the film.

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